(From a client's banker/financial advisor to his client, cc'd to us)

"Rob, you are so fortunate to have someone like Reg who is a trusted advisor helping you on this so you can spend more time on helping your patients."

E. Wong, BMO



Dear Reg,

We were thrilled and grateful to learn today that CRA has relented and allowed our objection... It was a just and fair ruling, but it was due to your outstanding representation on our behalf. What a relief! And a huge thank you!

Rudy and Patricia



Dear Reg,

You have done your magic with alacrity and apparent ease again. We are so grateful to you for all that you do for us.

I am enclosing a cheque for this year's services before our refund arrives. As freelancers, we know how important prompt payment is.

Thank you for fitting us in so late in the game.

Thank you for making the experience painless.

Thank you for your wisdom and counsel, always.

Finally, thank you especially for the two gold stars which I will and always treasure.

I'll try to better next year -- and earlier, too!

With affection,

Sandy Naiman

Good morning Reg!

It was very nice seeing you yesterday, thank-you for working on my taxes! As always, it is great seeing you and Tess, and Robin was also very glad to meet you. He was commenting on how great you and Tess are, and how professional yet relaxed the office environment is. I told him that this is why I have been coming to you since 1986 :-)

I look forward to receiving mail from you at my new address in the Boston suburbs.Do take care and enjoy Spring when it gets here!

With my best regards,

Cynthia Keus
Middleton, MA

Dear Reg and Michael:

I want to thank the two of you for all the fine work you've done for me and my corporation over the years. Our professional relationship must go back to 1970! You've been very kind as well as highly efficient and effective all the decades, and have stuck with me through thick and thin... Along the way you've also taught me a great deal. I appreciate all you've done, are doing and will, I hope, continue to do.

Stay well,

GF, Vancouver

Dear Reg:

When we sold our house a few years ago you recognized that freelancers don't have much in the way of pensions and advised very conservative investments, mostly GICs. Here we are in the recession and riding it out quite nicely, thanks to your advice. It was sound advice as usual, same as you've been giving for the past couple of decades We're glad we've got an expert in our corner.

AD, Toronto.


Good Morning Reg,

It was a genuine pleausre meeting you this morning. I work with a number of physicians and business owners and often get asked to attend joint meetings with my clients and their accountants. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I was very impresed with your process, overall review and level of detail and organization! It was one of the best review meetings I have been a part of. I figured I would pass along this note to let you know that.

Pleasure meeting you again, Reg. Have a great weekend!

Best Regards,

James Carney, Carney & Associates Private Wealth Management