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Mortgage Listings: Closed Mortgages | Open Mortgages

A free listing of most mortgage rates across the country. Here's a simple tool that can potentially save you many thousands of dollars. When your mortgage comes up for renewal, find the lowest applicable rate in the country and use it to negotiate a lower rate from your lender. Despite their 'posted rate', they will often match or beat rates from other lenders.

Bank Account Deposit Rate Listings (Canada) | (International)

Provides deposit rate information,currency and risk information with related inflation data around the world including Canada, US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Bank Account Prime Lending Rates

Registered GICs / Term Deposit Listings: Under a year | 1-6 Years

Bank of Canada Currency Converter

Currency conversion calculator using real-time Bank of Canada rates (note: rates from your bank will vary).


Information and ratings on mutual funds, equities, etc.

Canada Revenue Agency Prescribed Interest Rates
These are the interest rates that CRA charges and pays (ie on your taxes)


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